2008. május 8., csütörtök


I am a new member from Brazil ... I´ll start next week .... soon I´ll post pictures here!!
Good to be here!!!!

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helen írta...

Hi! Welcome here :)
Where did you hear about this SAL? :)
I'm wainting for your pictures!


Névtelen írta...

I am from Multiply where .... I recieved an invite from Monika for be her contact .... and then at her page ...one post of blog this SAL ... and I fall in love ....
I´ll start next weekend, hope so!!!and then take and upload my first picture here ...
Thanks for your welcome on board!!

Ralina írta...

Welcome Maria! :)
I'm so glad for you! I waiting for your pictures too. :)

Névtelen írta...

Thanks for your welcome!
I already posted 2 picture from my started work!!